Strange Candy: Gallery

Art by Emi-chan

In between doing Okashina Okashi comic strips, I like doing random pinup and sketch art of the various characters! Here is a spot where I will show off some of these pictures!

The 2004 OO Calendar Men!

These are the illustrations used in the Limited Edition 2004 Beauty Man Garden Calendar~!

Art by Tanzy

Tanzy, the first writer for OO, is also an artist! Here are some of the great OO pictures she drew!

Fanart by YOU!

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Teneko and Kerisu

Other Characters

Pairs and Groups

Computer Goodies


Eri-chan Wallpaper - Here is an 800x600 wallpaper of Eri-chan that KawaiiDragon made from one of my Eri-chan T-shirt designs. Yay!


Strange Candy Sprites by Kitty Ocean!

Kajiki Kaijou has made two very spiffy Strange Candy KISS dolls! This one is for Dom, and this one is for Spike. They are based off my Paperdoll Special comics for each character. If you don't know what a KISS doll is, take a look here. Thanks!

Another wonderful KISS doll! It's made from the color Petra paperdoll! Download it Here! It was made by Brad Lesher. Thanks, it's very cool! I love how you made Petra's eyes blink :) Petra's hammer can grow, and she HAMMERSPARKLES! Her squeaky hammer makes noise too. Whee! Thank you!

OO Cosplay!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people actually take the time to create cosplay costumes based on OO characters! I am so amazed at how well the costumes have turned out, y'all are awesome! Thank you so much! Here, at last, is the gallery of OO cosplay photos. Because I am a pathetic, unorganized mess, I have lost the names that go to these photos (gah, please don't kill me! ;_;) so if this is you in one of these pics, please let me know so I can add the proper credits. If I am missing any OO cosplay photos, please send them to me!

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